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    ‘Send To’ context menu in Windows 8 shows only Bluetooth device

    I have recently upgraded my dell laptop to Windows 8. After that, I can view only Bluetooth device inside ‘Send To’ context menu. All the other options have disappeared from the menu. How can I get back those options?

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    Re: ‘Send To’ context menu in Windows 8 shows only Bluetooth device

    You can try performing a clean boot on your system. Type msconfig into the start screen for that and press the ‘Enter’ key. Tap the ‘Service’ tab and select the checkbox at the right side of ‘Hide all Microsoft services’ label. Get into the ‘Services’ list afterwards and click on half of the checkboxes in it. Then, press the ‘OK’ button and click on ‘Restart’ option. Once you resolve the problem, you can start up the system in normal way by performing the following steps.
    • Get into start screen and type msconfig into it
    • Press the ‘Enter’ key
    • Click on ‘General’ tab and tap the ‘Normal Startup’ option
    • Press the ‘OK’ button
    • Click the ‘Restart’ option while prompted
    Another method available to resolve this problem is SFC scan which will fix the corrupted files. Bring up the quick access menu for that by pressing the Windows + X key and select ‘Command Prompt (Admin) from it. Then, type sfc/scannow into the command prompt window and press the ‘Enter’ key for starting the scan process.

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