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    ‘Sent Mails’ showing empty in Gmail on my Windows 8 System

    In Gmail on my Windows 8 System, I am unable to see the sent emails. When I sent an email and I want to check it in the sent emails, it is showing as empty. Please, anyone help me in solving the problem.

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    nikil kumar Array
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    Re: ‘Sent Mails’ showing empty in Gmail on my Windows 8 System

    Hello friend...

    you can overcome this problem by creating an own filter.This can be done by the following steps:

    ->In the upper right click settings
    ->click the filters tab
    ->click create new filter
    ->enter your own address as the from(you can create multiple filters if you have more than one address you send as)
    ->click next
    ->click skip inbox
    ->mark as read
    ->And check send to label
    ->choose sent items from the drop down

    Before checking the button to save the filter,check the box to apply to all your current messages

    Once you click the apply gmail will apply for all your current messages.But this may take few minutes.

    Hope this may help you...

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