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    ‘Windows not activated’ message on start up

    While I tried starting up Windows in my system, I got a message like ‘Windows not activated’ and warned me to install within 3 days. The message came from something called "Windows Genuine Advantage". Is this a real message from Microsoft?

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    Re: ‘Windows not activated’ message on start up

    hi there,

    This is a real message from Microsoft.

    This is message that pops up when windows installed on a computer is detected not activated. It means that windows is not genuine or it needs to be activated to be considered genuine.

    If you have purchased the copy of windows, you must be having a CD-KEY or SERIAL NO of the windows. If you have got the windows installed by some retailer, you should contact him regarding the issue. If you paid for the original windows and still seeing the message, you have probably been fooled. He might have installed a pirated windows on your system. THIS MAY BE LEAD YOUR SYSTEM VULNERABLE TO THREATS SUCH AS VIRUS/MALWARE as well.

    what you can do now ?

    1. if you have the serial/key, provide the key to WINDOWS GENUINE ADVANTAGE.
    2. If you have not purchased key, purchase one from www.microsoft.com
    3. If purchased, still seeing the message. contact the dealer (or Microsoft in case you purchased online).
    4. If you see you have been a victim off a froad, go to cops if the dealer doesn't solvesthe matter.

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    Re: ‘Windows not activated’ message on start up

    My dear friend,
    Yes this is real message from microsoft it is displayed when you are using pirated windows or fake windows using fake.
    OR it also possible that you may not have entered the product key yet.Try to enter product key as soon as possible.Otherwise you won't be able to update your System and also won't get security updates.

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    Re: ‘Windows not activated’ message on start up

    Yes, This is a genuine message from Microsoft , the reason behind this error message is that you have not registered your product i.e. windows online with Microsoft. The other reason behind this error message might be that you are having a pirated version of your windows. You might not be having a genuine license key, as most of the people in India and many other asian countries get the windows installed from a copied CD, or from a local computer mechanic at a very low price

    So, the solution is that you purchase a genuine windows from microsoft and register your license key online to remove this error message.

    Remember, that you don't give your original license key to any other user or your friend or relative, as he/she may also try to register the product with Microsoft to make the windows active, as two users will be having a same license key registered but it was issued to a single user i.e. to you, so the Microsoft will come to know that you have passed your license key to some other user and they will block both the keys.....

    Take Care

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    Re: ‘Windows not activated’ message on start up


    To sop the piracy of the OS there are methods which detect the pirated versions of the OS .

    And yes the message is from microsoft.

    The message means that your windows OS is not genuine and and may stop working anytime.

    So i think you should re install the OS and than use the loader to make your OS genuine .

    Once your system is genuine you wont get that message again.

    http://www.softpedia.com/get/Tweak/System-Tweak/Logon-Loader.shtml click here


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    Re: ‘Windows not activated’ message on start up

    u say that ur have got a massage from windows witch is "windows not activated".I think u r using a trial version of windows 7.in the trial version of windows u can used only 30 days.after 30 day u will get a massage that u have already got.Please activated ur windows.....to avoid this massage.
    To activate ur windows just follow this stapes:
    WAY 1-
    If u r buy this window 7 OS then u will have a product key....find it & put in to ur computer by following stapes:Right -click on my computer>Select properties>Now in the "windows activation aria u have to click on "change the product key.>Now enter the product key and wet for activation.
    WAY 2-If u don't have a product key don't weary .

    Just download this software witch is called "Windows WAT Remover" OR "Windows 7 lodare"
    Choose any one.and download it.
    After download install it.
    Now it's want to re-boot ur computer.

    After re-booting u will never got this massage "Windows is not activate"

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    Re: ‘Windows not activated’ message on start up

    hello . .

    Yes . . .the reason is that you are not using a genuine version of windows indeed . .


    you might have installed a trial version . .

    there are many pirated versions of windows available in the market . .

    by installing such types of versions you will face problems like these only . .

    by installing genuine version there will be no problem . .


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    Re: ‘Windows not activated’ message on start up

    See my dear friend this message you are seeing because the copy of the windows version that you are using is not activated.
    If you have entered an activation code and still this message is displaying is because the code that you have entered have already been used by someone.
    If you have purchased this windows and then the error is coming it might be because you have accidentally deleted the license files that had the activation details regarding your windows.

    So to overcome this issue just follow the given steps:
    Remove the windows you are currently using(make sure to make a back up of all wanted data).
    Do a clean installation of the version of the windows you want to use in the
    trial mode.
    After the installation right click on computers and in the window that appears click on activate my windows .
    In the activation code box enter the code that have been provided to you with the copy of the windows.

    And you are done you wont face the same message again.

    In order to check that whether your is correct or not do the following :
    Go to the microsoft' s site.
    Search for the windows xp mode.
    When you will click on the download button the site will ask you download a software to check the originality of your os.
    Download and run the software.
    Now you would be able to find that the copy that you are using is fake or genuine.

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    Re: ‘Windows not activated’ message on start up

    dear friend,

    of course the message is real & from Microsoft.

    if you bought the original OS,the validity period may be over.

    if you bought pirated OS then use any working patch to make the OS genuine.

    if your widows is not genuine then you'll see black desktop (i.e no wallpaper) after every restart.

    you must upgrade your window first to solve this problem.

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    Re: ‘Windows not activated’ message on start up

    Such message appear because your Windows might not be genuine.

    If you have product key then you use it or else you can use RemoveWAT patch to supress such notification.

    You can download this patch from here :->


    Click Here To Download

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    Re: ‘Windows not activated’ message on start up

    Hi Friend ,

    If you use windows for more than 30 days without activating it than Microsoft give you this error message "Windows not activated"

    You need to activate your windows

    - Right click on My computer
    - Click on properties
    - Now click on activate windows now

    Now enter your product key or you can purchase it from Microsoft official website

    You can download activators from internet . It will activate your window but will not make it genuine . If you use activator than turn your windows update off


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    Re: ‘Windows not activated’ message on start up

    Hello Friend

    You are having a Problem that ‘Windows not activated’ message on start up

    You need to activate your windows.

    to activate windows you need to download Removewat tool.

    Download latest version of RemoveWat Tool .

    Double click on it .

    Windows starting some process ,

    and restart your system automatically ..

    And your windows is activated .

    I hope This info. will Helpful to you .

    All the Best

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    Re: ‘Windows not activated’ message on start up

    Hello Friend,

    This types of errors occurs when the windows is not activated. Then you need to activate the windows.

    So first of all you purchase a license key for windows or if you do remains it so copy the serial key the & right click on My computer then go to properties

    and select Activate windows now then after paste the serial key.

    Click on activate. Now you have done it.

    All the Best

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    Re: ‘Windows not activated’ message on start up

    Hello friend,

    1.You have see the message in your system desktop screen your ''windows not be a activate please activate with in 3 days'',

    2.Because your windows not a accept any serial keys,

    3.First of all go to the browser and open the Microsoft website and go to the windows downloads option,

    4.After this purchase the windows kry online and then install the your system and wait on line activate your windows and after this restart your system and your problem solve,

    5.Then you windows normally activated,

    6.I hope this information use full to you,


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    Re: ‘Windows not activated’ message on start up

    Hi dear Dude

    In order to get resolve the issue you should follow the simple instructions carefully

    There is a Simple and Easy proceedings by manually

    --- Go to click on the "Start " menu and then Click on the "My computer "

    --- You will find a " Properties " on the Organize option

    --- You can Change the Key there and Reactivate the System

    Most of the problem is clear out here and If the issue is remains persists you can follow the Intuctions

    <> You can Enter in to the Windows by clicking the F8 Key and It will loaded at that time

    <> Select the Safe mode with Command prompt

    <> On the command prompt you must type " Explorer " to start the windows

    <> Now Again click "Start " menu and there you can see the " Run " option

    <> And Type " Regedit " and press " Enter " thus you will prompted for the Register Editor

    <> Now you can edit the " C drive " Privileges and Run the Windows Activation

    Finally click on "ok " to make changes

    That is all

    Good luck

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    Re: ‘Windows not activated’ message on start up

    Sure, It is a genuine information out of Microsoft , the reason behind this particular miscalculation information is the fact you have never documented your product or service i.e. windows on line using Microsoft. One other reason behind this miscalculation information might be you are which has a pirated variation of this windows. Would likely not always be obtaining a true licenses key, as the majority inside India and a lot of some other hard anodized cookware nations around the world obtain the windows set up originating from a duplicated CD, or perhaps originating from a area computer system mechanic at an incredibly low price

    Consequently, the answer is basically that you obtain a true windows out of master of science along with sign-up a person's licenses key on line to eradicate this particular miscalculation message.

    Bear in mind, that you don't offer a person's original licenses key on a vacation end user maybe companion or perhaps family member, as he/she may possibly in addition try to sign up the goods using Microsoft to increase the risk for windows energetic, as a pair of end users will probably be which has a similar licenses key documented however it has been distributed to a individual end user i.e. back, so the Microsoft will probably arrived at find out you have transferred a person's licenses answer to another end user and they're going to stop the keys.

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    Re: ‘Windows not activated’ message on start up

    Dear Friend,

    This will shows the message because your system is not activated.

    go to the microsoft website

    download the window by purchasing the license.

    then install and register.

    then you will not seen the message further.

    Thank You!!!!!!!!

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    Re: ‘Windows not activated’ message on start up

    dear friend,
    this is a simple problem the solution for it as follows
    1)you are facing this problem due to the extracted version of the windows you are using
    2)it means the os you are using has no license so it means that you should activate the windows
    3)i think the version of the os you are using is the extracted version which is downloaded from the torrents
    4)so in the torrents check for the windows activator file
    5)it is a small file of 2mb size which is useful to activate your windows ........and to register your operating system
    6)without activating you cannot update your os from the microsoft store so activate it as soon as possible

    happy to assist you.........................

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    Re: ‘Windows not activated’ message on start up

    Solution :-

    If you want activate your Windows , Then follow that steps

    1. Enter product key that provide by Windows generator


    2. Install Windows Activator crack

    after install your PC restart and then enjoy windows feature

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    Re: ‘Windows not activated’ message on start up

    yes, This is Genuine Message from Microsoft . This Error comes if Microsoft Detects any System not Activated Yet.

    This comes when you have tried to Update your windows or Newly installed windows that has get updates option enabled

    1. Click on Start
    2. In Start SearchBox Typein "run"
    3. When found Right click on it
    4. In Pop-Up Menu click on "Run as Administrator"
    5. In Run Dialog Box Typein "cmd" and HIt Enter
    6. Now Type the following command
    8. Hit Enter
    9. A message Box Displayed saying Command are executed Successfully


    10. Click ok
    11. Now Restart you PC

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    Re: ‘Windows not activated’ message on start up


    For this you can Register windows with other Valid Product key..


    Install windows Activator software..

    It is available in internet download this software and install this..

    After installing windows activator...

    Restart your system..

    And check your windows activated or not..?

    For checking..

    Right click on My computer choose Properties..

    Here you can see windows activation..

    Sure it will work..

    Thank you...

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