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    “Bandwidth Exceeded” Message while using USB Video Camera

    I am using Windows 7 in my System. I am facing the message “Bandwidth Exceeded” by using USB Video Camera. It is creating a problem and unable to use it. Please, anyone say me what might be the Problem.

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    Re: “Bandwidth Exceeded” Message while using USB Video Camera

    Message “Bandwidth Exceeded” occurs, when you are using the USB Video Camera of high resolution. So, most of the time it gets resolved by decreasing the resolution the your Video Camera. This occurs when you view the video stream with high resolution camera. For high resolution, it requires high bandwidth and it leads to such messages, creating problem. So, decrease the resolution which requires less bandwidth. Change the settings for resolution and change to less resolution. Changing from high resolution to low resolution is the solution for your Problem.
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    Re: “Bandwidth Exceeded” Message while using USB Video Camera

    Hii Friends...

    This issue may occur if you add USB device to hub while you stream video with a USB camera that is connected...

    Connect any new devices before you start to stream USB video or audio.

    You may have to stop streaming the video or audio, connect the new devices, and then restart the media stream after the new device has been detected.

    Connect your USB camera to a different USB hub...

    If your computer have more than one USB port, connect your USB camera to it's own USB port...

    Connect your other USB devices to a different USB hub or USB port...

    Thank you and All the best...

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