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    “Class not registered” error in KMPlayer in Windows 7

    I have been using Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Version for my Desktop PC. I used KMPlayer for watching Movies and Videos in my system. But, yesterday while i was launching this player, it shows error such as Class not registered. I don’t know about this error. Please explain me about how to fix this issue??

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    Re: “Class not registered” error in KMPlayer in Windows 7

    This problem is generally occurs due to problem of KMplayer with the adobe flash player. so to solve this problem.
    1st-- go to control panel
    - go in "add or remove program"
    -uninstall adobe flash player and reinstall it.......
    Your problem will be solved !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: “Class not registered” error in KMPlayer in Windows 7

    This problem class not registered in km player arises,when there is problem with your flash player.
    try to install new flash player,try to use adobe flash player as it works better than other flash player,you can download the software from filehippo,brothersoft other sites,your problem can be fixed
    Thanks and Regrads

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    Re: “Class not registered” error in KMPlayer in Windows 7

    This problem is occured when the FLASH PLAYER is corrupted or not installing of flash player


    1. open run or press windowskey +r and write in that appwiz.cpl

    2. there is a window named as programs and features .....and uninstall the flash player from that

    3. And Re-install the flash player again and try ...then the problem will be resolved....ALL THE BEST

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    Re: “Class not registered” error in KMPlayer in Windows 7

    class-not-registered-error.jpg KM Player.jpg

    dear friend,

    This error occurs in adobe flash player due to lack of flash component.

    If the default opening program for any audio/video file is KM player then this error may appear if you click many times on that particular file randomly in an instance.

    You must install required flash plug-ins in internet explorer.

    Go to http://www.adobe.com/go/getflashplayer to download it free.

    Try to uninstall the KM player.

    Upgrade it to the latest version.

    Re-install the program in any different drive other than the drive where you've installed the operating system.

    Then Run the km Player & open the files by dragging on the KM player or by right clicking on the file & selecting the KM player from Open With option.

    Hope these will help you to solve your problem.

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