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    “No Video Displayed” message in VLC Player in Windows Vista

    I opened VLC Player in Windows Vista System. I tried to play a movie in it, but could not do so. I got the message “No Video Displayed”. I closed and reopened the Player.Message is still displayed. What might be the problem? Please, help me!

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    mahhiads Array
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    Re: “No Video Displayed” message in VLC Player in Windows Vista

    Hello Friend,

    Just Follow Some Steps Are :

    >> Open The Control Panel Than Open The Program And Features Option
    >> Than Find VLC Player In The List And Uninstalled The VLC
    >> Than Restart The PC And Access The Internet And Download The VLC Latest Version
    >> Than Installed In The System
    >> Than Open The VLC Than Open The File In The VLC Player
    >> Than They Work Properly.

    I Hope That Info Is Usefully

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    Re: “No Video Displayed” message in VLC Player in Windows Vista

    Dear friend,

    To solve your problem proceed as follows:

    1. Uninstall VLC media player with some professional un-installation software.
    If you try to uninstall this software from Control Panel> add or remove programs, some core files of
    this media player always remain left within the system. These file are always used again VLC media player
    installer to install it again. And your problem remains same.
    So now you have understood the problem of uninstalling programs with Windows default uninstaller.
    After un-installation, re-install your media player.

    2. You can use either REVO Uninstaller Pro or Perfect Uninstaller.


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    kumar12337 Array
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    Re: “No Video Displayed” message in VLC Player in Windows Vista

    hi friend........ it might be the problem of VLC player or Video file

    first of all check video whether it is playing properly or not .....that is playing by the another player

    and also play another videos with the VLC and check the player

    if the same problem exists in case of playing other videos with VLC .....then there is a problem with the VLC player only

    other wise ... the problem is video.

    So, if the problem player case........simply Press windows key+r and type appwiz.cpl in the run box

    now press ENTER Key ......then select VLC from the list and choose uninstall .....

    and again press windows key+r and type regedit and press ENTER key and click YES

    now expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>Software ....under the software delete the VIDEOLAN folder and reboot the PC

    now download the latest player of ... VLC from www.filehippo.com website .........and install it again

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!

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