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    5.1 Surround sound not working on windows 7 computer

    I have installed windows 7 64-bit version yesterday. I have already wasted 2 days but 5. 1 surround sound doesn't work. I have installed the audio drivers for my motherboard. When i go to Realtek Audio manager and check the test sound option,sound comes out from the speaker without any issue. My speaker system is sweex 5.1 Subwoofer speaker system.what should i do to resolve this issue?

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    Re: 5.1 Surround sound not working on windows 7 computer

    Try to get the correct audio drivers for windows 7 by visiting the manufacturer's website. It will fix your issue. Alternatively,you can also try setting up the speaker by going to the audio devices. If you are not able to understand the above mentioned steps then simply follow the below given procedure:

    1. Open Audio Devices and Sound Themes after clicking on "Start">>Control Panel>>Hardware and Sound>>Sound.
    2. Now click on "Playback" tab,select "Speakers" and then click on "Configure".
    3. Now, under "Audio Channels",select the desired speaker and click on "Test". If you are able to hear any tone then click on "Next" and follow the on-screen instructions.
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    Re: 5.1 Surround sound not working on windows 7 computer

    Hi dear friend.............to overcome this issue follow the below procedure

    first of all check whether the Audio drivers installed properly or not

    and for the checking........simply press windows key+r and type dxdiag in the run box

    now press ENTER key ......then tap on SOUND tab

    and check the NOTES box..... if you found any issues with the audio drivers ...simply re-install them Other wise follow the below instructions

    press windows key+r and type mmsys.cpl in the run box

    now press ENTER key......after that select PLAYBACk tab

    now select SPEAKERS option from the list .......and click on CONFIGURE button from the below of the same window

    now select 5.1 SURROUND option from the suggested list....and click NEXT

    then again click NEXT and finally click on FINISH button

    after that your problem will be solved

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: 5.1 Surround sound not working on windows 7 computer

    As your experience with the 5.1 channel test as all speakers are active and generating sound,

    My suggestion to you is to uninstall the driver from windows and install the software from the CD once more.

    This will offer you the ability to let the computer and the speakers to communicate which is possibly not having even after installing required softwares due to unknown reason, may be the generic driver and the external drivers infringe to keep the speakers silent,

    So go to start--control panel--system and security--device manager--sound............--driver--uninstall.
    Then install the software from yoir companion CD.

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