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    "502 - BAD GATEWAY" while browsing on Windows XP SP 3

    Whenever I open any browser though the home page loads without any issue but soon after giving any URL and clicked on GO I get a message like "502 - BAD GATEWAY" in big fonts. I tried with different URLs the same message for all of them. Internet working fine on my machine, I couldn't figure out the problem please help me.

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    Re: "502 - BAD GATEWAY" while browsing on Windows XP SP 3

    Dear friend,

    The bad gateway is because of the following problems.

    1. There is some problemin the internet from the isp.

    2. Your system is congigured to access the internet via the proxy server.

    3. You are using invalid web address.


    1. CONTACT THE ISP and perform the following diagosnotics .

    2. Start the command prompt and then type ping google.com

    3. If there is no error then there is no problem from your isp.

    4. Goto the control panel an dthe the internet options.

    5. Under connections tab click on the connection which you use to connect to the intermet and the the settings.

    6. make sure no proxy server is defined.

    7. Apply and then click on the ok.

    8. Your problem shall be solved.

    For the further help post to my visitor massage.



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    Re: "502 - BAD GATEWAY" while browsing on Windows XP SP 3

    Bad Gateway generally means some problem in the Server to server when a bad request is sent.
    There is nothing that a common user can do,
    But some measures which can Help.

    Clear the browser cache.
    Clear the Cookies,
    Delete history,
    Disable Proxy Server,
    Disable Add-Ons, Tool bars,
    Use different Browser,
    Use updated Browser.
    Log out and restart windows then start browsing afresh.

    These steps might Help to solve gateway issues.

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