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    Adding favourite in windows live Messenger on windows phone?

    I am using a windows phone 7.I installed Windows live Messenger on it. I use to send mails,chat and make video calls on it. I want to add my close friends to the favourite. I know that if I make this then these friends will stay in top of the list so that it will make me easy to get them because I am using windows Live Messenger for few friends. Please guide me by giving the proper steps to add contacts to favourite on Windows Live Messenger on Windows phone 7.

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    Re: Adding favourite in windows live Messenger on windows phone?

    Yes,you can add favourites in Windows Live Messenger on Windows Phone 7 very easily. Follow the Few easy steps to do it.Open windows Live Messenger by clicking the Menu then selecting the appropriate option. Once you opened,it will ask you a username and password. Give the The account with which you are using should be a Microsoft account. Now search the friends whom you want to keep as favorite.Select them once you found. Then click Add to Favourite in the Menu options.Now you can see the favourite contacts at the top of the contact list.
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    Re: Adding favourite in windows live Messenger on windows phone?

    To add a favorite in windows live Manager follow these steps

    • Go to the home screen
    • Then tap on the Main menu
    • Then choose the Windows Live Messenger
    • Now sign in to your account by providing the details
    • Then choose the friend to whom you want to add to the favorites
    • Now go to the Menu in that
    • Now select the option Add to Favorite
    • Now it is added to your favorite contacts list.

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