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    Adding languages for Windows XP in Lenovo notebook

    How can I add languages for Windows XP in my Lenovo notebook? Please provide the step wise details for doing it.

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    Re: Adding languages for Windows XP in Lenovo notebook

    • Go to Control Panel in start screen
    • Tap on ‘Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options’
    • Then choose the option ‘Add other languages’
    • Now you can see a ‘Regional and Language Options’ dialog box
    • Tap on ‘details’ in Languages tab
    • Tap on ‘settings’ and on ‘add’ in ‘Text Services and Input Languages’ dialog box
    • Tap on Input language list and choose your preferred language in ‘Add Input Language’ dialog box
    • Finally tap on ‘OK’

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    Re: Adding languages for Windows XP in Lenovo notebook

    Procedure to adding languages for Windows XP in Lenovo notebook :

    First open the window start and select the "Control Panel" in Sony laptop .Once it open it you have to see the "Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options" so just select and open it .Then select the "Add other languages" from it.Under it you have to select the "Regional and Language" Options and press the "details" option in it. And here you have to choose the "settings" option .After that go to the "Input language" and ADD the preferred language that you want to add. And finally save the language settings OK.

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    Re: Adding languages for Windows XP in Lenovo notebook

    hi my dear friend..............to install the new language follow these steps

    first go to browser ...and download the languages whatever you want from the internet

    then copy the downloaded fonts............and click on the start menu

    and open the my computer

    then open the OS isntalled drive that is C

    then open the windows folder

    after that find the fonts folder and ....paste you copied fonts there .........


    copy the fonts ........and press windows key + r and type there fonts

    then your fonts folder will be displayed.......then paste you fonts there ...........................ALL THE BEST

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