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    Additional .exe folders appearing with names of other folders

    I have a Windows XP PC experiencing some issue with the folders. Whenever I create a folder, another folder of the same name appears, but in the .exe format. When I double click it, nothing happens. But it appears in the task bar. The same goes for the folders in the USB drives I connect to the PC. I tried deleting the .exe folders but they appear again. Is there any way to deal with this problem for good?

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    Re: Additional .exe folders appearing with names of other folders

    Dear friend your system has been infected with viruses. To get rid of it follow these steps.

    1. Download the avast antivirus.
    2. Install the avast antivirus.
    3. Now update the virus database.
    4. Goto avast antivirus and schedule a boot time scan.
    5. Restart your pc and your scanning will start.
    6. Do not skip the scanning as it will take a lot of time.
    7. When scanning finishes your problem shall be finished.

    For further help contact me on my visitor massage


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