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    Address and search bar of windows explorer locked in windows 7

    My address bar captures 20% of window and width and rest of the space is captured by search box. I want to enlarge the width of search box.The toolbars are also not locked. Whenever i roll over the mouse pointer over the gap(Between address and search box), i am able to see "<->"symbol but not able to drag it either left or right. I also tried to change the DPI but it failed to fix my issue. I am also running Mac Book Pro 15" Retina with windows 7 on parallel mode.What should i do?

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    Re: Address and search bar of windows explorer locked in windows 7

    In order to fix your issue,simply follow the below given procedure:
    1. On Parallel go to Virtual Machine> Configure
    2. On Hardware Tab Click on Video
    3. On Resolution pick "Scaled"
    4. Go back to Windows.Right click on desktop and go to screen resolution. Now you should Pick 1920X1200 or whatever you think is best for you. Then click apply and hit OK
    5. Right click on desktop again and click on personalization.
    6. Go to Display.You will see the option on the Bottom left.
    7. Change the Text size from Larger to Smaller 100% (Default)
    8. Press OK and log off.It will fix your issue.
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