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    Administrator privileges problem in my personal PC

    I have a PC running in Windows 7 Home edition. I recently tried to add some gadgets to my desktop. But then a message appeared saying that I donít have full administrator privileges. I am the only one who uses my PC. I am positive that I am using the Administrator account. How can I fix this problem and restore my Administrator privileges?

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    Re: Administrator privileges problem in my personal PC

    Hello friend...

    If you only have one account on the system, then that account should be a administrator the other may be any user accounts.

    You may be able to enable the built in administrator account.

    Go to start menu -> Accessories -> click on command prompt -> By right click on its icon and select run as administrator.

    When the command prompt window appears, enter the following command..
    net user administrator / active:yes

    When done logout from your current account.

    The administrator should now shown on you log on screen.

    If the above mentioned thing is not worked for you..

    Then go for a SFC scan, this might fix the corrupted files.Give it a try, if it doesn't help you will have to do a repair/ clean install.

    Hope this may help full to you...

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