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    Advantages of Windows Phone 8 over Android 4.1.

    What are the main advantages of Windows Phone 8 overAndroid 4.1? Android 4.1 has been gaining lot of popularity. But also heard about the recent improvements introduced to Windows Phone. Can someone tell me which among the two would be better to purchase.

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    Re: Advantages of Windows Phone 8 over Android 4.1.

    Hello Friend,

    Top features of Windows Phone 8 over Android 4.1 are listed and discussed below:

    1. Home Screen

    One of the most visible improvements in the new Microsoft phone OS is the updated home screen. The tiles are still there, but now they are more dynamic, and dare I say, usable. One of the issues with the Metro-style home screen on Windows Phone was that the promise of live tiles never really came to pass.
    First-party apps did some neat stuff by showing off your pictures or social content, but third-party apps failed to take advantage. It was hard to justify adding huge tiles to your home screen that didnít really do anything useful. The new home screen allows you to resize tiles, like the Windows 8 Start Screen, and the tiles will go all the way to the edge of the display ó no more of that odd gap on the right side.


    2. Core Software

    Much of what makes Windows Phone 8 new and different is made possible by the switch to from the Windows CE kernel to NT. Thatís the same code that runs at the heart of desktop Windows, including the upcoming Windows 8. Microsoft has confirmed that all the Windows Phone 7.5 apps will continue to work on Windows Phone 8, but thatís where the similarities end. Microsoftís big advantage here is that developers will be able to reuse large swaths of code from desktop Windows on Windows Phone, especially on touch screen devices like Surface. Many Windows 8 programs will simply work on Windows Phone 8 without any modifications at all.
    All of the best games on iOS and Android are written in a similar way. Apple gives developers simple tools to access the hardware in Xcode, which is why games run so well on that platform. The limited hardware ecosystem makes it easy to target devices.Android development is a little more unusual. Android runs a modified Linux kernel at its core, but there isnít any cross-compatibility. Most apps are coded in Java, which is non-native. However, the platform does support native code for more intensive apps. Hardware differences make this a little trickier, but the support is there.

    3. Hardware Support

    Windows Phone 8 will also have support for WXGA (1280◊768) and 720p (1280◊720). That kind of panel will make the crisp lines of the OS stand out all the more. All those pixels might even make use of those beefier processors.Android and iOS have had support for higher resolution screens for some time now. Apple famously coined the term Retina display with the iPhone 4, and Android phones since leapfrogged it with 720p screens. At this point, all three platforms have stellar screens. The only slight edge might go to Android, which has the advantage of faster innovation in hardware. A 1080p phone? If you want it, Android will deliver sooner.

    4. Wallets and Maps and Skype

    Two new apps in Windows Phone 8 are a direct challenge to Android and iOS. Wallet, not to be confused with Google Wallet, is a unified NFC payment platform and credit card manager. This is a fusion of Googleís faltering payment system and Appleís newly announced Passbook app. NFC-equipped phones will be able to interact with Isis payment systems at some point in the near future ó Microsoft was a little dodgy on the details.

    5. Clean Updates

    Approach to updates hobbled by carriers and OEMs. Microsoft promised the best of both systems with a unified ecosystem run by Redmond. Well, that didnít happen. We now have confirmation, once and for all, that Windows Phone 7 and 7.5 devices are not getting Windows Phone 8. Microsoft is calling do-overs again.


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