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    Anonymous sound runs in background while using internet in windows 7

    This is totally a strange issue. I have searched for this issue over internet but haven't found any solution till now. Actually my windows 7 computer makes some sound sometimes,when I use internet. The strange thing in it is that the sound doesn't come out all the time. Yesterday the same thing happened. I closed all my browser but still the sound was coming. Finally I disconnected my internet to stop that sound.Do you have any idea about this issue? Please help me in solving this issue..

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    Aryan Anand Array
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    Re: Anonymous sound runs in background while using internet in windows 7

    Dear Friend!!
    If the sound is of like buzzing like "blurrr" then its the problem of the magnets of speaker that attract the electromagnetic waves from the connection.
    And if its not like that, then while surfing net, click the sound button from the tray, click mixer, and OFF the "system sounds"
    The speakers will not produce any sounds from the computer.(Dont worry!!they will play the media)

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