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    Audio failed in Windows 7 after update in Acer notebook

    After an update in my Acer notebook with Windows 7, the audio is not working. How can I enable this application?

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    ajjuravi Array
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    Re: Audio failed in Windows 7 after update in Acer notebook

    Dear friend,

    If the audio is not working in Windows 7 just after the Windows update.

    Then, it means that the appropriate audio driver has been replaced by another inappropriate driver.

    Or the actual audio driver has been removed.

    In this case, the easiest way to recover from this problem is to do "System Restore".

    You can do System Restore by following these steps:

    1. Just click on Windows button, then type "System Restore" in the Search bar.

    2. Now, open it and choose a restore point before Update.

    3. Just restore to that point and your Windows will be restored to that Date.

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    firefox Array
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    Re: Audio failed in Windows 7 after update in Acer notebook

    dear friend,

    Go to the control panel.

    Select sound option from hardware & sound.

    Select the playback tab in the new sound window.

    Double click on speakers.

    Select the Advanced tab in the new window & click on Test.

    Do the same if you have headphones,by double clicking on headphone.

    Now test all the speakers & headphones.

    If you face the problem further then you have to go for driver upgradation.

    Go to the official website of Acer & install the latest upgradation of your sound drivers.

    It may happen that upgraded OS is not recognizing your old drivers.

    Hope these will help you a lot.

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    Deepak422 Array
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    Re: Audio failed in Windows 7 after update in Acer notebook

    it seems that update has not installed correctly,some files may corrupted and doesn't work,try to install the audio drivers from your motherboard disk, some times it doesn't work then download the drivers from internet and try to install it,do the installation after uninstalling the existing audio drivers because same installed files go to same folder and again it doesn't install or some problems might occur.
    Thank You

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    abhiabhishek Array
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    Re: Audio failed in Windows 7 after update in Acer notebook

    Hi friend,
    may be audio drivers are been lost
    Once install audio drivers and check
    If problem still persist
    Update audio drivers
    Still persist then re-install OS again

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    Libin Array
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    Re: Audio failed in Windows 7 after update in Acer notebook

    Hi Guest…

    You may run the troubleshooter and check if this helps.
    I would suggest you to post back if you get any error messages.

    Steps to run troubleshooter:

    1. Click Start button, and then click Control Panel.
    2. In the search box, type troubleshooter, and then click Troubleshooting. Click View all, and then click Playing audio.
    3. Follow the instructions of the wizard.

    If the issue still persists then, I would suggest you to download and install latest drivers from manufacturer’s website and check. You may also try installing the drivers in compatibility mode and check.

    Thanks and Hope this works...

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    mrinal09 Array
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    Re: Audio failed in Windows 7 after update in Acer notebook

    First ofall please visit Acer official site and get the updated driver

    If the driver was not install automatically then u follow these steps,

    You can update your driver by using DRIVER UPDATE WIZARD,

    Follow the steps to get DRIVER UPDATE WIZARD,

    > click on START

    > right click on MY COMPUTER and Then MANAGE

    > click on DEVICE MANAGER

    > Right click which driver u want to update for example if you want to update Display Driver then do right click on "Video Controller" (This driver belong to my computer u may have different one) and then Click on UPDATE DRIVER.

    > You will get a new window called HARDWARE UPDATE WIZARD,

    > Click on "Yes, this time only"

    >Click on "Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)"

    > Then Do Check mark on both the box,

    # "Search removable media (floppy,CD-ROM...)" if you check on first box you can update driver via CD-ROM

    # "Include this location in the search" in this option you can update the driver through any location in your computer.

    # Click on BROWSE to give the path of your driver location,

    > installing the driver,

    > After successfully installing the driver click on finish,

    Good Luck
    Your Friend

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    kumar12337 Array
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    Re: Audio failed in Windows 7 after update in Acer notebook

    simply ....download the windows 7 audio drivers from the internet and install it

    there is an another way that is restore to get BUT........ you said that i updated my Acer right ..... if u restore your acer

    By using the restore option .....it is possble but ....you lost all updates .....ok if there is no problem ok do that ....but other wise

    threre is no way .....download audio drivers and intall it .... ... THANK YOU

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    shubhamnema Array
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    Re: Audio failed in Windows 7 after update in Acer notebook

    hello friend

    follow this steps and find your solution....................

    1.you are update you windows 7 os

    2.so you need to update your audio driver

    3.friest you go to the srart menu

    4.now open control panel

    5.here you open system and security

    6.now open device manager

    7.here you find your audio driver

    8.press right click on it and choose update driver

    9.after update driver restart your pc

    10.your problem will solved now.

    i hope it will helps you..........................

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