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    Autorun.dll could not be loaded or corrupt error when trying to install Windows 7

    I am trying to install the Windows 7 OS in my system and when I try to run the setup.exe file I get the error message as “Autorun.dll could not be loaded or corrupt”. How can I fix this issue now? Can someone please help me with the steps to follow?

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    Re: Autorun.dll could not be loaded or corrupt error when trying to install Windows 7

    My dear friend this is not the procedure to install windows 7 in your system

    Let me explain step by step procedure to install Windows 7 OS.

    Insert your disk in DVD drive

    restart your system

    Press F2 or Del key immediately

    You will enter into BIOS settings

    Change the first boot priority to CD/DVD drive

    Press F10

    press Y(YES) and exit

    Now your computer will restart and it will ask you to press any key to boot from DVD

    then press any key on the keyboard

    Now select language, time and currency and keyboard input

    click next

    select X86 or X64 depending up on your purpose.

    click next

    click i accept the license and terms

    click next

    choose custom

    Select drive and choose where to install Windows 7 in your Hard Drive(i mean C Drive or D Drive, etc.,)

    Click Next

    At some point of time you need to enter the Name

    click next

    That's it my friend your system is loaded with windows 7


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