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    Avant Browser does not allow to open Gmail in Windows 7 Professional

    I use Avant Browser in Windows 7 Professional. It worked well till yesterday and from the past 10 hours, it is not opening Gmail. When I tried to open it, it is loading the browser but never opens. What might be the problem? Please, anyone help me in resolving the issue.

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    Re: Avant Browser does not allow to open Gmail in Windows 7 Professional


    The possible reasons due to which the browser does not allowing opening Gmail in Windows 7 professional:

    1. The cookies of the Avant browser may be corrupted due to some browser errors. To solve this problem: Clear the history and cookies cache of
    your browser by going into its settings option. After deleting the cache, you have to enter the login password again for all websites.

    2. There may be slow network problem. Opening Gmail in default mode is a network bandwidth consuming process.

    To open the Gmail in slow networks: You should try the basic HTML view in your Gmail account. You can find this below the loading bar during loading
    of the Gmail account. You can also set basic HTML view as your default view. This will save the data and the bandwidth of network.


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    Re: Avant Browser does not allow to open Gmail in Windows 7 Professional

    Hello friend,

    1.You have install the avant browser in your system and you not a open the gmail website in your avant browser,

    2.First of all please go tot he your system control panel,

    3.After this open the programs>uninstalling programs>uninstall the Avant browser in your system,

    4.Then restart your system and open the internet explorer,

    5.Now please open the Google.com and search the Google chrome and install your system,

    6.After this install your system Google chrome and open the all website and Gmail website normally,

    7.I hope this information use full to you,


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