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    Battery draining issue in Nokia Lumia 920

    My windows phone 8 can't stay in standby mode for more than 6-7 hours. Battery will be drained if use windows phone for talking about 20-30 minutes and little net surfing with twitter and facebook. Can anyone resolve this matter by providing some tips? Kindly help me to recover this issue for my windows phone.

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    Re: Battery draining issue in Nokia Lumia 920

    Hello !!!

    it seems that your battery life has come to an end and it is in the bad of the worst case.
    since it is not giving you backup of even 1 hour talk time.
    also, 6-7 hours standby is too less as it must give 45- 60 hours of backup in standby mode.

    so, if your mobile is brand new than approach to your nearest service center with the bill.
    and if its warranty period has expired than you have to purchase new battery.

    no hardware and software issue is related with it.

    hope i am clear to you.
    thanks for posting in EALP.

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    Re: Battery draining issue in Nokia Lumia 920


    In Windows phone of Nokia, still there are some issues with battery performance. Your phone battery is not performing well. If your Nokia phone is in warranty, you should go to Nokia service centre and replace the battery. If it is not in warranty, use a new battery.

    You can use following tips to increase the battery performance of the phone:

    1. Close the unnecessary running applications in background. To do this: Go to Background Tasks in settings option and block programs through this list.
    2. Disable automatic Windows phone update settings. To do this: Uncheck the box against "Automatically download updates" in settings option.
    3. Disable automatic synchronization to increase battery performance.
    4. Decrease the brightness of your phone up to the minimum required level.
    5. Disable automatic activation settings for Wi-Fi connections, when available.


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    Re: Battery draining issue in Nokia Lumia 920

    Before any suggestion on what has gone wrong, the first suggestion is to consult Nokia Customer Care and seek their assistance.

    The Nokia 920 of yours has issue, in either The Battery or Internal Components .

    Possibly the Battery is defective, the Li-Ion battery is capable of holding charge for hours as it is required in these comp,ecated devices to keep power supply on for hours.

    But the cells of your battery is possibly damaged and can't retain charge for long.

    Change the battery from Nokia Service Center.

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    Re: Battery draining issue in Nokia Lumia 920

    Dear friend

    It seems that there is some fault with your battery.

    This problem mainly occurs due to the over use of phone and over charging the battery.

    To over come this problem never over charge your phone's battery.

    Unplug the charger when the battery is full.

    If the problem is not solved then contact your nearest Nokia care center.

    Hope the answer will be helpful.


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    Re: Battery draining issue in Nokia Lumia 920

    To solve this problem follow these steps

    • This is due to the damage of the battery
    • So you need to replace the battery to solve this problem
    • And also follow these simple steps to improve the battery performance
    • Reduce the Screen brightness
    • Turn on the power saver feature
    • Reduce the screen time out
    • Clean the device regularly
    • Increase the memory space by removing the apps that are not used
    • close the apps that are running in the background
    • Turn off Wi-Fi,Bluetooth,GPS if you are not using those features.

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    Re: Battery draining issue in Nokia Lumia 920

    Hello friend,

    I have the solution for your problem just do as i say...........................

    1.Firstly make sure that your battery is charging fully or not.

    2.If it not your problem then this can be the problem of your battery.

    3.In Standby battery will be not used so it will stay for 6-7 hours.

    4.But where as using for 20-30 minutes battery is draining then it is battery problem.

    5.So you have to replace it with new one to solve this problem.

    Have a nice day.............................

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