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    Blue screen after Windows XP installation in Asus notebook

    I am facing blue screen issues after Windows XP installation in my Asus notebook. Can we prevent these issues?

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    sai charan Array
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    Re: Blue screen after Windows XP installation in Asus notebook

    Hello friend,

    Dont worry my dear just follow my steps k.

    If you have sp ecified AHCI as the sata mode, xp will need floppy disk so that it can load the proper hard disk driver and proceed with the install ACHI is the default on p8p67 boards.
    Windows-7 has proper ACHI drivers on the DVD.

    The Dell cd might have other issues; It is an oem disk tailored to a dell system.

    You might get it work by specifying the sata mode as IDE in the bios.

    k try these steps it might work for shyoor k .

    All the best..........

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    Re: Blue screen after Windows XP installation in Asus notebook

    Hello Guest...

    This is not an error or not a installation fault.
    Basically its apart of your installation process.
    Kindly wait for some time after installation of Window XP.
    After installing this, all of us can see that blue screen but remember my friend, when your finish install, you have to wait for few secs and then you will get the next option to go ahead.

    If this problem still occurs, then this might be a issue of your SATA drives that don't have a correct driver for installing Window XP.
    The New drivers for x64 require correct "decorations" and if they are not managed or installed properly then there might be a chance that they will fail during the initial GUI boot. So correct them now

    If this error comes again and again,then change your path.
    Try to install the Genuine Windows of Microsoft and you can install some other versions of Windows like Window7, Window Vista, Window 8, etc...,

    Hope this finally works for you.

    Thanks Dear...

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    Re: Blue screen after Windows XP installation in Asus notebook

    hi my dear friend...............the blue screen appears when the pc is not shutdown properly...

    to fix this issue....

    first restart your pc and press F8 while it starting up

    then there is a menu will be opened in that menu choose the safe mode option

    if you are unable to log on with safe mode then again restart your windows by pressing ctrl+alt+delete keys from the keyboard

    then again press F8 while starting up

    And choose last known good configuration option from the menu and login

    then after go to control panel and click on the system and security

    and choose the Backup and restore option

    then click on the recover system settings or computer

    then click open system restore....and choose the your option ( if you have already created restore point) then go for second option
    other wise go for the first one....and click next

    then click on the finish button ...then the process will start .....after the completion of process then login as normal.........

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    Re: Blue screen after Windows XP installation in Asus notebook

    A blue screen after or while installing the software Windows and a blue screen after the installation, while the machine is in used , which is called BSOD, are two different thing altogather.
    While installing a blue screen might come and that id quite normal as while the screen is visual the installer does a lot of things takes a lot of judgement and links a number of files to others establish paths for further action etc.and it`s longivity also depends on the system resource as high specification, that is enough RAM, dedicated Visual card, large HDD , bigger cache can help run installer fast and blue screen display short and vice versa.
    BSOD is a problem with corrupt files and improper installation of Operating System , or viral infection sometimes which lead to the destruction.
    Cleaning virus can solve the problem, else the final solution is reinstallation of windows.
    Thank you.

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    Deepu Array
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    Re: Blue screen after Windows XP installation in Asus notebook

    Blue Screen Of Death or BSOD is a humorous term used for the error screen displayed by some operating systems, most notably Microsoft Windows, after encountering a critical system error which can cause the system to shut down to prevent damage.
    To fix this problem
    1)Insert windows Cd and restart your computer
    2)then enter into setup and after loading files press R and Recovery console appears and
    3)Type CHKDSK and press enter and after few seconds results appears and
    4)Type FIXBOOT and press enter,This command makes a new startup sector on the system partition.
    5)type EXIT,thus your system is restarted After your restart it will ask if you want to start your system in safe mode, regular mode and other mode. Than choose the "last good configuration" and after that your computer starts normally with no BSOD problems or error and you still have all the data available on your computer.
    Thank You

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