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    Browser closes when I attach a file in Windows 8

    I opened Windows Live Mail in Windows 8 System. When I attach a file in it, it closes the browser. I turned OFF and ON the System, but could not solve it. I tried many times to attach a file and facing the problem. What might be the problem? Please, help me!

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    Re: Browser closes when I attach a file in Windows 8

    If you are new to the Windows 8 operating system then you must Scan the system before you operate through the internet.So if you want to use this type of attachment of files in the windows 8 then the virus files can not be attached to the mail while you are trying to send.
    SO you must re install the genuine windows 8 software and there you can have the file attachment after the browser closing.
    The update and refresh of the software always solves the problems in windows8.

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