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    The burned CD not playing on Windows Media Player

    I have burned a CD on my Windows PC and tried playing it on the Windows Media Player installed on my computer but it does not play. I had it playing other CDs but not this one though. What might have gone wrong with the player?

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    Re: The burned CD not playing on Windows Media Player

    You might not be able to play this because of getting the file extensions wrong on the CD. It should usually be of the .cda format while using them. You would be able to file music or data files of many formats but on the CD they should be of the .cda extension. Only then will you be able to play it on the media player. You will be able to check the extension by going to the data files and right clicking on the CD icon to look at the properties. In the properties the file extensions will be shown. Also there are some players that do not play locally burned CDs. Check if your player is one such device by trying the CD on another device.

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    Re: The burned CD not playing on Windows Media Player

    If the Windows Media Player is refusing to play the CD that you have burnt using your optical drive,
    There are reasons for that, and they are like this .
    1. when the files are burnt they follow certain patterns which are called format,if the writing format is not recognized by the WMP then it will not play.

    2. when the files are written on the disk, a certain speed of writing speed is used, if the speed is very fast the WMP will not be able to interpret the data, and hence the problem.

    3. there might be issues in the write head or in the disk used for writing files, clean the drive and media and try the recording again.

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    Re: The burned CD not playing on Windows Media Player

    hi, friend .

    >>> this is not your player problem .

    >> this is your CD burning problem .

    >> you have to re burn this CD with best burning software.

    >> if any failure occur then this type of error is done.

    >> i hope you have got me.

    >> all the very best

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    Re: The burned CD not playing on Windows Media Player

    Hi dear friend.

    First of all check whether the CD working properly or not

    And Generally ... the windows media player .. Does not support all the formats

    and it supports...

    Apple QuickTime files - .mov and .qt;
    AVI files - .avi;
    Windows Recorded TV Show files - .wtv and .dvr-ms;
    MPEG-4 movie files - .mp4, .mov, and .m4v;
    MPEG-2 movie files -.mpeg, .mpg, .mpe, .m1v, .mp2, .mpv2, .mod, and .vob;
    MPEG-1 movie files- .m1v;
    Motion JPEG files- .avi and .mov.

    So, first of all check whether your file format .... listed above or not...... and if .... not ... then you need to convert it ... to any of the above.... formats ....and then play with Media player

    and if listed... ... but still the problem persists....then ... there is a problem with your player only ...in that case.....re-install the player that is
    press windows key + r and type regedit and press ENTER key and click YES
    then expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE >> software >> microsoft >> Active desktop >>installed components
    then choose {6BF52A52-394A-11d3-B153-00C04F79FAA6}
    then double click on the isIstalled option from the right pane
    and set the value 0 to 1......and then reboot your system
    then your problem will be resolved

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: The burned CD not playing on Windows Media Player

    Hello friend,

    I have the solution for your problem just do as i say.............

    1.You do not have any problem with the Windows Media Player.

    2.This may be the problem of your CD.

    3.So check whether it is working properly or not.

    4.Or the MP 3 files may be not burned correctly.

    5.So check those problems and try to resolve them.

    Have a nice day.........

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