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    C key minimizes all functioning programs in Windows XP

    I have been using Windows XP for the past 2 years. The problem in my computer is whenever I hit the C key, all running programs are minimized. Why this happens?

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    Re: C key minimizes all functioning programs in Windows XP

    hi dear friend..........this is the error because of ... windows primary settings are changed

    Simply restore your windows settings and resolve the Issue

    for that ..........click the start menu and go to ALL PROGRAMS

    and now click ACCESSORIES option

    and then choose the SYSTEM TOOLS option

    after that click on RECOVERY option from the popup

    then click next and choose RESTORE WINDOWS TO EARLIER TIME


    and also choose the DRIVE that is HOME DRIVE ( C: )...

    and follow the simple instructions and ......completer the process

    after that your problem will be resolved........

    ..............ALL THE BEST..........

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