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    Can not enable hibernate option in Windows 7

    Hello Friends! I am Windows 7 User.Most of time i use hibernate option then shutdown my laptop.As i am addicted to using internet and to keep save my time to doing on or off my system.But Last night when i shutdown my laptop and in the Morning when i start my laptop i am not able to get the Hibernate option.Dont know how its diable.Please help me to solve my problem.

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    Re: Can not enable hibernate option in Windows 7

    Hi Friend,

    Can not enable hibernate option in Windows 7

    There is because of,
    >> the hibernate option is disabled by default,
    >> Also chiepest graphics Drivers are not installed in your system,

    So, First you can Install chiepest Graphics Driver from motherboard CD's

    And then enable hibernate option,

    >> And Click to start
    >> Open control panle
    >> Click Power options
    >> Click on Choose what power button does.
    >> Select Hibernate from it,
    >> restart PC

    now you can able to view Hibernate options.

    I hope you can understood.

    All the Best.

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    Re: Can not enable hibernate option in Windows 7

    The first thing is Hibernate option is Disabled By Default. So you have to enable it:-

    1. Click on Start
    2. Now Type in "Control Panel" when found select it and Hit enter
    3. Now click on "Power Options"
    4. In left panel click on "choose what power button does" to change working of power button
    5. select HIbernate option
    6. click ok and close all windows
    7. Restart your PC to save changes done.

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    Re: Can not enable hibernate option in Windows 7

    Hi Friend,

    >> You are facing the problem of not able to enable hibernate option in Windows 7.

    >> Hibernate option is available in the Control Panel.

    >> So you need to check the setting of power option in control panel.

    >> Open Start menu.

    >> Now Select Control panel.

    >> In Control Panel select Power option.

    >> Now select "Choose what power button do" option.

    >> Select Hibernate from the drop down for when i press sleep button.

    >> Press Ok.

    I Hope you will understand.

    All The Best.

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    Re: Can not enable hibernate option in Windows 7


    For this Go to click on start button..

    Type and open Power options button..

    Now choose what the power buttons do..

    Then click on Choose when i press power button and choose as HIbernate option..

    Finally save changes..

    Sure it will work...

    Thank you..

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