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    Can not install Windows 7 after installing the new GA-H61M Motherboard

    I recently bought the new Motherboard for my PC which is GA-H61M but now I am unable to install Windows 7 in it. I was able to create the partitions and when I click install it shows a error message and restarts the PC after that I getting the BOOTMGR missing error. What is the problem? Is the motherboard not supported for Windows 7 installation? Or I am doing something wrong? Can you please give me a solution for my problem?

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    Re: Can not install Windows 7 after installing the new GA-H61M Motherboard


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    dear friend,

    You can be assured that it is not compatibility issue.

    GA-H61M Motherboard supports windows 7 very well.

    Since you are getting bootmgr.exe missing error so you have to repair your Start up installation to solve this issue.

    You also have to rebuild the BCD from windows recovery.

    Follow these guidelines to solve this issue-

    Insert the Windows 7 to the DVD drive.
    When prompted, press any key to boot from DVD.
    Set the language, currency & the local time.
    Select the operating system repair option by pressing R key.
    Select the drive where you've installed the windows 7.
    Proceed & System recovery option will appear.
    Select Startup recovery from the list & press enter.
    Wait until it terminates the process.
    Open command prompt from the System recovery option.
    Type Bootrec /RebuildBcd in the command prompt & hit enter-it'll rebuild the BCD codes in the boot manager.

    Restart your computer & check for the problem further.

    Hope this info will solve your issue.

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    Re: Can not install Windows 7 after installing the new GA-H61M Motherboard

    hello friend,
    no your motherboard will be perfect.
    Actual problem is your windows 7 disc while copying windows 7 files in disc due some reasons BOOTMGR file is got corrupted
    So if you use another genuine windows 7 disc. just try to install on your partition it will be sure 100% works.
    Its not the problem of your mother board its all about your windows 7 file corrupted disc. so install with another new windows 7 disc

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