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    Can not right click on Desktop and other folders in windows vista

    I am using windows vista where i am facing a strange issue. I was able to right click on desktop and other folders but from last two days, i am not able to do the same. When i right click on desktop or any folder,nothing happens.Please help me in fixing this issue.

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    Re: Can not right click on Desktop and other folders in windows vista

    First of all,you need to Reregister the shell's registry entry.To do the same,right click on command prompt and choose to run as administrator. Now type "regsvr32 /t shell32" in the command prompt. The next step is to delete the folder setings. To do the same,open the Command prompt again as Administrator and type "reg delete "HKCU\Software\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell" /f". Once done hit the enter key on your keyboard. Explorer is built on addin programs which is known as Shell Extensions. Just download http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/shexview.html. Once downloaded, close all explorer windows and start shExView as Administrator.Disable all non microsoft shell extension.Then click on start.Ctrl+Shift+Right click a blank spot(above the power button) and exit Explorer. Finally Ctrl+Shift+Escape. Make sure that all explorer processes are closed. Now select explorer on the process tab and right click and choose End Process. Do the same again,if there are more than one explorer in the list.Finally click on "File" Menu and click on "New Task" and type explorer and ejoy.
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    Re: Can not right click on Desktop and other folders in windows vista


    Yeah! I have got your problem and i have the solution for it.

    i.You check that you have connected your mouse correctly.
    ii.you check that your mouse slot is working finely.
    iii.If there is no problem with the above two cases.
    iv. then your problem is that your mouse is not working finely.
    v.Or you try to update your drivers of Mouse.

    All the best............

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