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    Cannot able to get music files from Microsoft Office on Windows 7

    I am using MIcrosoft Office 2007 on Windows 7. Previously i Used the same version of office in Windows XP where I did most of the presentation on the power point. I did some music files on it too. I can also extract those music files from the presentation. Now the problem is,I cannot able to extract music files in windows 7. When I tried to save it as *.html. It does not showing me that option instead of that it shows just web page. I want to know How to extract the music file from it.Please help me out by giving the valuable solution.quick and clear solution will be appreciable

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    Re: Cannot able to get music files from Microsoft Office on Windows 7

    Yes,you can do it even in Windows 7 too.Open the Microsoft Power Point then do the presentation that you want.Once you done the presentation, click on the File Menu then select Save As option.This will bring you a Save As dialog box.Type the name of the file that you want to give.Then select the File Extension under the File type as *.htm or *.html.If you did not find these file types then type .html after the file name.Now go to the windows explorer step into the path where the stored presentation file resides.Then click on it.Now you will see a audio files with the extension *.wav.
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