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    Cannot access drop box in Nokia Lumia 510

    I have Nokia Lumia 510 mobile. I installed dropbox in my Mobile. When I tried to access it, it is not allowing to access. I cannot even access the dropbox website. What could be the problem? Please, provide me the solution. Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Cannot access drop box in Nokia Lumia 510

    Dear friend,

    There can be different reason behind this:

    1. Your personal data protection services such as antivirus or firewall is blocking your dropbox application.

    To solve this: Make an exception in these data protection programs for your dropbox application.
    If you are unable to do this, try to get support from your antivirus, firewall vendor either off-line or online.

    2. You have
    not granted full permissions to the dropbox application. Nokia window mobile phone uses their own
    certificate authentication to grant permissions to various applications. If a application does not have suitable
    certificate then, your Nokia phone can block that application or execute the application with the limited
    functionality. So get a certified dropbox application.

    3. You are
    using proxies and other similar network modification which is preventing your dropbox application
    to make a secure network connection with dropbox website.
    To solve this: Remove proxies and use a secure network connection to connect to dropbox website.

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