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    Cannot connect server in Windows 8

    After installing Windows 8 when I tried to connect internet, it says "We can't connect Right Now. Check your internet connection and try again". What may be the problem?

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    Re: Cannot connect server in Windows 8

    Dear friend,

    First of all, I'd like to request you completely describe the problem such as what type of Internet Connection you are using, and like that.

    Following steps may help you:

    1. First check your internet connection cable whether it is a properly connected or not. When it is properly connected,
    there will be a signal of glowing lights at your network card.

    2. If your cable is properly connected then check whether you have installed proper network driver for your network card.
    You can check it by going to Control Panel > Device manager >Network adapters. Find out that there is no yellow exclamation
    sign (!) at Network adapters menu. If a sign of exclamation is there, then your network driver is not properly installed.
    Try to re-install the driver.

    3. If the driver is properly installed, means no exclamation sign at Network adapter menu, then go to Control Panel> Network and Sharing Centre.
    Make a new connection by clicking "Setup a new connection or network".

    4.You may need the access point settings, dial-up number, password for your network connection, IP address, etc. to make a new connection.
    Contact your network service provider to get all these things.

    5. If you have done all the things above, then there may be temporarily network problem with your network provider.
    You can also opt for window network troubleshooting option in Control Panel.


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