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    Cannot copy all music since update to Windows Phone 3.0 on Mac

    My LG Optimus which is running in Windows OS has been updated so as to use Mac. Even after this I am not able to copy music files from iTunes. Please tell me the necessary steps to copy files from iTunes.

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    Re: Cannot copy all music since update to Windows Phone 3.0 on Mac

    Hello there !!!

    for copying anything from the itunes you can not simply copy the files as you are thinking.
    for copying any file from itunes you need to sync ll the files including the music files or the video files.
    and then after syncing open the itune or install the itunes into the host system and then connect it to the internet.

    and then after do provide your mail id and password for retrieving all the file which you have synced in the itunes.
    and then after all your music files will be copied to your host system.
    and in this way your music files will be copied.

    hope i am clear to you.
    thanks for posting in EALP.

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