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    Cannot delete “Cache” in Windows 8 System

    I installed Windows 8 in my System. I found that my System is running slow and thought of deleting the “Cache”. Tried to delete the “Cache”, but could not do that. What could be the problem? Please, anyone help me in giving the solution.

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    Re: Cannot delete “Cache” in Windows 8 System

    hi friend,

    here i am giving the tips to delete cache in windows 8 system.

    select tools-internet options


    click on the general button and click delete button.



    thats so simple
    i think this information will be helpful for you
    all the best
    regards srilekha

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    Re: Cannot delete “Cache” in Windows 8 System


    The usual format for deleting Cache in window’s by typing in start, searchbox %temp% and delete all file’s in it. And clear recycle bin after you are done with.

    You can take assistance from a third party software as they are much stronger in act when things are not running in order in Windows, like if Cache is corrupt or something.

    You can Open Internet Explorer or any other Browser and Click "tools", "Internet Options", "General", clear browsing history to clear files from the cache, and even set the program in accordence to your desire.


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    Re: Cannot delete “Cache” in Windows 8 System

    Type “cleanmgr” on the Start screen, press Enter and select cleanmgr.exe from the search results. Disk Cleanup will open and scan for files.

    Once it’s done scanning, check ‘Thumbnails’ and click OK.

    Once it’s done scanning, check ‘Thumbnails’ and click OK.

    Sometimes, when you’re having browsing problems (even though your internet connection is working), you probably need to flush your DNS cache.
    To do so, open command prompt, and type the following commanddon’t forget the space after ipconfig)

    ipconfig /flushdns

    Modern UI Apps Cache

    There are several things you can do here. Let’s begin with Internet Explorer, the Modern UI version of the browser, that is.

    Internet Explorer Cache

    desktop version of IE has its own browsing history, and so does the Modern version. For the latter, you need to open Internet Explorer from the Start screen.

    Bring up the Charms bar (one of the several ways to do that is to move your mouse into the bottom-right corner of the screen) and click Settings and select ‘Internet Options’ from the menu that follows.

    Click the Delete button under ‘Delete Browsing History’ to do just that.

    Windows Store Cache

    Let’s move on to another Modern UI app. How about resetting the Store cache? To do so, press Win key + R to bring up the Run Window. Type “WSReset.exe” and press Enter.

    The Store app will open, and you’ll see the following message.

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