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    Cannot delete a folder in my Windows 7 System

    I am using Windows 7 in my System. I have some folders, which I do not want. When I try to delete folder, it is not allowing me to delete the folder. Why cannot I do that? Please, anyone help me in solving the problem.

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    Re: Cannot delete a folder in my Windows 7 System

    Creating or deleting folders is based on the permissions. Folder has permissions which are assigned to some users. User who has permission can change the folder accordingly. When you try to delete a folder, as you are not allowing to delete, it means that you do not have the permissions to delete the folder. Make sure that, owner gives you the permission to delete the folder. This might one of the reason. Another reason is that, folder which you are trying to delete the folder might be opened in another program. If folder is opened and being used, you cannot delete that folder. Make sure that the folder is closed and you can delete the folder.
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    Re: Cannot delete a folder in my Windows 7 System


    there may be a problem of Virus

    if the folder gets effected by the virus ....,..then it cannot be allow you

    and to delete this type of folder ... install good antivirus and scan your system once

    after that delete the folder ..

    still you face the problem with the folder

    restart your PC and press F8 key at the start up

    and choose SAFE MODE option by using the navigation keys

    then login with the administrator account and go to the folder location and delete the folder


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    Re: Cannot delete a folder in my Windows 7 System

    Hello friend,

    I have the solution for your problem Don't worry just do as i say.......

    The files which you are want to delete may be the System files. So your computer
    was not allowing you to delete those files.


    Those files are been used by your you or by your computer. So you are not able to delete
    those files.To delete those files firstly go to the task manager. There in the 'Applications'
    tab you select the file if it is running and click 'End Process'.


    The the file which you want to delete may be affected by any virus. So better to install
    a best antivirus software and scan your computer to for virus. If you find any virus make
    a clean filter or deleting of those files you can do this through only Antivirus.

    Have a nice day.....

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    Re: Cannot delete a folder in my Windows 7 System


    The problem of deleting of folders arise out of a few situations, as follows :

    The folders content files may be used by other programs in the system.

    The system may be infected by virus and without cleaning them you cant perform tasks normally.

    The Removal or delete of folders is a rite and rights are assigned by the Administrators of the system, in your case may be you are not assigned the rites of deleting folders.

    Log in as an Administrator and delete those folders, and also assign rites for you so that next time you can do deletion without entering another account.


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    Re: Cannot delete a folder in my Windows 7 System

    Maximum all the files will be deleted.if the files may not delete.they might be system files or they might be in use.if the system had virus ,then also the files will not deleted.then install a good anti virus in the system..then try for shift plus delete...once you can restart your computer and try.,put the computer in safe mode..

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    Re: Cannot delete a folder in my Windows 7 System

    Hello friend...

    I think that folder may be used by the computer so it can't be deleted you try to this..

    press Ctrl+Alt+Delete then select the process bar then select the folder name then press delete button...

    After this process you try to delete the folder then it deleted...

    if it is not working you go to safe mode then try delete the folder...

    it may be virus effective so you scan and install the another antivirus then delete the folder...

    All the Best!!

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    Re: Cannot delete a folder in my Windows 7 System

    It may be due to virus ............
    First delete the folder if it is not deleted the files in it will be deleted .
    Restart your PC and then delete the folder immediately after restart.
    then its done..............
    You may use third party applications also......


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    Re: Cannot delete a folder in my Windows 7 System


    The problem might be

    -the folder you are trying to delete is virus infected or it is protected by admin.

    -try to scan the memory with good antivirus if virus not found then check the folder is protected by admin or not.

    -if it is protected by admin login with admin account and delete folder.

    thank you.

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