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    Cannot find connected external device in the Taskbar of Windows 8

    I am using Windows 8 in my System. When I connect an external device to my System of Windows 8, I cannot see it in the Taskbar, but I can see it in as the Extra drive beside my Partitions. Please, anyone help me in solving the problem.

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    Re: Cannot find connected external device in the Taskbar of Windows 8

    Hello there !!!

    the things which you are saying that you are not able to see in your task bar is the notification of your external drive or storage media. ok ??
    so, your external drive location is actually in the my computer only, beside the drive partitions. ok ??

    it's notification is only shown in the task bar. that's all.
    so, don't worry.
    also, it is present at the task bar to enable you to remove your external drive from there,
    which you can do from my computer also.
    also windows 8 has many complexity too.

    hope i am clear to you.
    thanks for posting in EALP.

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