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    Cannot install extensions in IE 10 of Windows 8 System

    I have Windows 8 in my System. I tried to install some extensions to IE 10, it is not installing. It is showing an error during the installation. What might be the problem? Please, give me the solution to it.

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    kranthi Array
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    Re: Cannot install extensions in IE 10 of Windows 8 System

    Yes these extensions are to be installed with the great speed of the internet.So if you have the faster internet connection then you can easily go with these installations.
    IE 10 extensions makes you to have new features with the application and to enjoy the faster browsing.
    So after making it you are needed to visit the website of microsoft and download these extensions fast.
    This extensions makes possible with the un interrupted internet connection in your computer.

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    Re: Cannot install extensions in IE 10 of Windows 8 System

    Hi, Dear friend

    To resolve the above issue .... try to follow these

    press windows key+I combination and click on Control panel from the charm bar

    then choose the network and internet option

    then click on the internet options

    then there is a window will be displayed.........in that window choose the advanced TAB

    then click on Reset option ....which is located at the bottom of the same window

    then...choose delete personal settings option .... and again click RESET button to complete the process

    and now try to install again... and I hope this time ... it will be solved


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