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    Cannot install Google Chrome in Windows 8 System

    I have Windows 8 in my System. I want Google Chrome to be my Browser in the System. I downloaded it and tried to install it. It is showing error as it is not able to install google chrome. What might be the problem? Please, help me in providing the solution.

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    pushp Array
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    Re: Cannot install Google Chrome in Windows 8 System

    Hello guest !!

    since you have downloaded google chrome,but it is getting error during installation.
    it means following things could have happened with your setup :-
    please do see and ensure whether you are following this or not:-

    1.your setup must be window ie.operating system compatibe (32bit/64bit).
    2.your setup files must not be corrupt.
    3.generally chrome setupp file size is approx 30-52 Mb.
    4.your setup is given administrator privilege.

    noe run your setup like this:-
    right click on it.
    select run as:
    under run as,select administrator

    now give the password and your setup will be installed.

    hope you got what i said.

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    kapil Array
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    Re: Cannot install Google Chrome in Windows 8 System

    If you cann't install google chrome in your computer.
    So don't worry about it . Bcoz window 8 is new version of of window.
    It needs new version of google chrome for installing in it.
    So if want to use google chrome in your PC. Just use or download new version of google chrome.
    I think it will help you in your prob.

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    Abhi Array
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    Re: Cannot install Google Chrome in Windows 8 System

    It seems that the version you downloaded is not compatible with windows 8... download the latest version from this official link https://www.google.com/intl/en/chrom...term=%2Bchrome

    other option is to right click on the installer and select property.

    now select compatibility tab under Compatibility mode tick
    run this program in compatible mode for: and select Windows 7 and click ok.

    now try again to install the same......

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    rj roxxx Array
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    Re: Cannot install Google Chrome in Windows 8 System

    hi there,
    in order to install CROME on your windows 8 OS
    just follow these 3 easy steps and you`re done:
    1) Download Chrome from the Dev channel: http://q.gs/1WdRz
    2) Install Google Chrome
    3) Set Google Chrome as your default browser

    If you want to get metro Internet Explorer back, just set IE as the default using the same steps.
    hope this will help you...

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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: Cannot install Google Chrome in Windows 8 System


    First of all Check the antivirus settings for they sometimes disallow other programs from getting installed.

    If you have a Firewall installed try to check its settings too, it also do the same objection.

    Download a fresh copy of Google Chrome from Google Website and try again, may be the earlier download was incomplete or corrupt.


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