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    Cannot install Weather Channel Desktop into Windows Vista

    While I was trying to download Weather Channel Desktop into my PC running on Windows Vista, I get the error message saying “Unable to load library wxfw.dll Error code: 126” on the screen. I had installed this program before and uninstalled from my system. Is there any way available to install Weather Channel Desktop successfully into my PC?

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    Re: Cannot install Weather Channel Desktop into Windows Vista

    hi my dear friend... to solve this issue follow the given istructions

    first click the start menu and go to control panel

    and click on network and internet option and choose the internet options

    and now tap on the security tab and select the internet Icon from the box

    then click on DEFAULT button from the bottom of the box and also click on CUSTOM LEVEL button

    scroll down and enable the activeX controls and scripting options

    and also select the reset custom settings as medium then click on the OK button

    after that completely remove the previous settings of channel from the PC from the registry editor

    then restart the PC after that install the weather desktop channel

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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