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    Cannot install Windows 7 on Hard Disk partition with Ubuntu

    I have my Hard Disk partitioned into two on my system. On one of them I have installed Ubuntu operating system. I would like to accommodate Windows 7 on the other. There is more than enough space left for Windows but still it cannot be installed. Why canít the OS be installed there?

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    Re: Cannot install Windows 7 on Hard Disk partition with Ubuntu

    hey this is not the procedure to install.
    first you should install windows 7 then you should install Ubuntu.This process is much simple and any user can install easily without any problems.

    But if you want to install windows 7 after installing Ubuntu grub will be effected. then it takes few more steps to complete the task..

    here are the steps

    Make space for Windows from Ubuntu. you can use Disk Utility tools from ubuntu.
    Install Windows now.

    After installing, log in to windows

    here you will not see Ubuntu which is previously installed in your system..

    to get back to Ubuntu you should have easyBCD in your windows OS.
    download it here http://download.cnet.com/EasyBCD/300...-10556865.html

    As i told you Grub will be effected, you should restore GRUB using EasyBCD, here is the procedure to do it

    Open EasyBCD and select ADD NEW ENTRY from the EasyBCD Toolbox.

    Select the 'Linux/BSD' from the OS column.

    Choose GRUB (Legacy) under type.

    click on the ADD ENTRY icon

    Choose YES to the restart prompt

    okay problem is solved, now you can see dual boot options...
    you can log in to the desired OS.

    Happy to assist you

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