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    Cannot open new tab in IE 10 of Windows 8 using “CTRL + T”

    I use multiple tabs in Internet Explorer 10 of Windows 8. So, I press “CTRL + T” to open an new tab. When I tried this in my newly installed Windows 8 System, it is not working to open the new tab. Please, anyone help me in solving the problem. I will be very much thankful to you.

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    Abhishek Mishra Array
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    Re: Cannot open new tab in IE 10 of Windows 8 using “CTRL + T”

    You need to reset youe internet explorer setting for this issue... below are the required steps.

    type Internet options in the search. you will find it in setting option.

    Now internet properties menu will open just go to advanced tab and click restore advanced setting option.

    after that click Reset button and check delete personal settings option from the next popup menu that appear and click reset.

    now logoff and login again..

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    nishant Array
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    Re: Cannot open new tab in IE 10 of Windows 8 using “CTRL + T”

    I also think that your problem is all about with your Internet Explorer settings. So to overcome this issue do the following settings ::

    In search type Internet Option or you can access Internet Option from your control panel.
    Open Internet Option

    use.jpg Go to advanced Tab2.jpg Click on restore advanced settings , after that click on Reset3.jpg Then click on apply or ok.... Restart your system.

    Many a times due to hanging of system these types of problem occurs so firstly try to restart your system


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