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    Cannot play .MTS files on windows supported Lenovo laptop

    I got a new windows supported Lenovo laptop last week. When I tried playing .MTS files on the gadget, it is showing up some error indicating that the file format is not supported. What is the solution for this problem?

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    Re: Cannot play .MTS files on windows supported Lenovo laptop

    Dear Friend!!
    If your .mts file is a video, then you need to have HD player drivers installed on your PC.Coz these are the Advanced Video Codec High Definition type videos.
    These are used by blue ray players.
    if your .mts file is a audio, you need to install "madtracker"
    and if these are data files, they can be opened by "MEGA".
    you can install above mentioned two softwares from-

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    Re: Cannot play .MTS files on windows supported Lenovo laptop

    Dear friend,,,,

    you can follow some steps...

    Step1: Convert MTS/M2TS files to DVD format MPEG-2 VOB.
    First step for you is to convert .MTS, .M2TS to MPG or VOB files and then you are able to burn MTS/M2TS file to DVD disc. Moyea MTS/M2TS Converter aims at helping AVCHD digital camcorder owners to edit and convert AVCHD videos (*.m2ts, *.mts and *.m2t files) to VOB, MPG for Nero for burning DVD, so you could easily and fast put MTS/M2TS to DVD for playing on DVD Player. Just as many people said “It is the most perfect partner with my AVCHD camcorder, Nero, and my DVD Player”.

    Step2: Import converted VOB and MPG files to Nero.
    After the conversion, you can easily import and burn these converted .MTS files to a blank DVD with Nero burning software. Of course, if you have other burning software, you can also use it. If you want to burn DVD for free, I think DVDstyler is a good choice.

    Burning job of Nero is finished. You can now insert it DVD Player and enjoy it. So now you will forever say goodbye to the problem that your DVD player can't play MTS/M2TS files.

    hope this will help you
    thank you

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