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    Cannot save Video files on the Desktop of Windows 8 System

    I can save all the files on the Desktop of Windows 8. When I tried to save the video file, it is not saving it. I do not know, what might be the problem. Problem is in saving only video files on the Desktop. Please, help me in solving the problem. Thank you.

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    DharmeshRG Array
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    Re: Cannot save Video files on the Desktop of Windows 8 System

    Disable UAC


    Step : 1. Click the Start Button, type "User account control" and press Enter.

    Step : 2. When the User account control settings box appears, move the slider to Never notify.

    Step : 3. Click OK.

    If Above Method Not Work Try This.....
    According to your description, it seems the permission settings are incorrect.

    I would like to suggest you refer to your profile folder and perform the following steps to check the issue.

    1. Right click on Desktop folder and click Properties.

    2. Switch to Security tab and click Edit.
    3. Click Add, type your account name, click Check Names and click OK.
    4. Highlight your account name and allow full control.
    5. Click OK.

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    kumar12337 Array
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    Re: Cannot save Video files on the Desktop of Windows 8 System

    Hi,dear friend.

    to solve the above issue........follow the below and I hope which may helps you

    press windows key+X combination from the keyboard

    then click on Command prompt( admin ) option and click YES

    now in the command prompt window type sfc/scannow and press ENTER key

    after that completion of process......... try to check again

    and if still the problem persists........simply press windows key+I combination

    then click on CHANGE PC SETTINGS option from the charm bar

    now choose GENERAL option at the left pane .....and click on GET STARTED button under the REFRESH YOUR PC WITHOUT EFFECTING YOUR FILES option at the Right pane
    now follow the screen instructions .....

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!

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    Satya Praveen Array
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    Re: Cannot save Video files on the Desktop of Windows 8 System

    Hello friend,

    I have the solution for your problem just do as i say...............

    1.All the files which you save on the desktop will occupy your Local Disk C space.

    2.So your Local Disk C may be files up fully without no space to keep more files.

    3.So you are unable to keep that video file on the desktop.

    4.If that is not your problem then the problem is with the virus.

    5.So you install the best antivirus software and then scan your system using it.

    Have a nice day................

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