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    Cannot search for short cuts in Windows 8

    After using Windows 8, I cannot find shortcuts except those in the Start Menu folder. How can I create shortcuts in Windows 8?

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    Re: Cannot search for short cuts in Windows 8

    Follow the below steps for Creating Windows 8 Shortcuts:
    1.Open up Explorer and head to the following path:%appdata%\microsoft\windows\Start Menu\Programs\>Once you’re there, you can browse down into one of the folders, though you can probably leave the shortcut in that folder as well.
    2.Create your shortcut for whatever you’d like.
    3.Now that you’ve done that, hit the Windows key to head back to Metro, and then type in the name of your shortcut is.
    4.You’ll see it on the left side, and right-click it to select it (if you’re using touch you can nudge it up or down, I think).
    5.Click the Pin icon on the bottom right-hand corner.
    6.And now you’ll have the new shortcut on the main screen! Of course, it’ll be created all the way over on the right side, so you’ll need to drag it where you want it.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Cannot search for short cuts in Windows 8

    Hi friend

    Here are the steps by which you can create shortcuts in your windows 8:-

    1. Find the application you want to create a shortcut for by opening the search charm then looking for the app you are interested in.

    2. In this case if you are choosing paint.


    3. Right click on the app and set of options appear along the button of the screen.

    4. choose pin to start.


    5. Now there is a shortcut to paint on the metro start screen. you can drag it around into a new position if you like.

    6. Add more shortcuts if you need them. Below shows the added one to the windows explorer.

    7. If you decide at a later date that you'd rather remove an app you have pinned, just right click it and you'll see the option unpin from start on the bottom of the screen.

    8. select that and the app shortcut will disappear.

    Hope i have helped you in getting relevant information.

    Al the best

    Thanking you..

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    Re: Cannot search for short cuts in Windows 8

    hi dear friend.......................

    to create the short cut

    simply right click on the empty desktop

    and point the NEW and select short cut

    then type command for example: type wmplayer and click next

    then name it as wmplayer.exe and click FINISH button

    then your windows media player short cut is ready to use

    like that ......create the shortcuts whatever you want.......


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