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    Cannot send large photos through Windows Mail on Windows Vista

    I have logged into Windows Mail through my PC running on Windows Vista yesterday and try to send a mail along with large photos as attachments. Windows Mail could not send that mail apart from showing “trying to send” message. After that whenever I try to open the mail, it will start trying to send that message automatically. If I do anything to cancel the sending process, my system will lock the Windows Mail. I can’t fix this issue even after checking the ‘not to send’ option. Is there any other way available to avoid this?

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    Re: Cannot send large photos through Windows Mail on Windows Vista

    Launch Windows Explorer on your PC by opening up any window. Type C:\Users\{Your current user}\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail\Outbox\ into the address bar. You need to enter the name of current user in the place of ‘Your current user’ item along with the above address. This will bring up a list of files on the right pane of the window. Use the scroll bar to locate the .eml file from that list. By the time you find that file, right click on it and wait until a menu appears on the screen. Click on the ‘Delete’ option available on that menu. Open Windows Mail again and see whether it has stopped trying to send that mail.

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    Re: Cannot send large photos through Windows Mail on Windows Vista

    don't worry about it .
    It may be two type of problem.
    first is net .
    and second may be software updating problem.
    If you are not able to sending pic.
    Then first check your net service should not be slow.
    And if it isn't .
    Then check the software is updated or not.
    I hope it will helpful for you.
    GUD LUCK .

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