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    Cannot start Diagnostic Policy Service on Windows 7

    When I boot up my laptop running on Windows 7, I am getting the error message “Windows could not start the diagnostic policy service on local computer. Error access is denied”. In what way can I start up the Diagnostic Policy Service?

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    Re: Cannot start Diagnostic Policy Service on Windows 7

    Click the ‘Start’ button and type services.msc into the search field appears on the start menu. Press the ‘Enter’ key afterwards and find out the ‘Diagnostic Policy Service’ option. Right click on service and choose the ‘Restart’ option. After that, make a right click on ‘Diagnostic Policy Service’ and click on ‘Properties’ option. Press the ‘General’ tab and make certain that the ‘Startup type’ is already set to ‘Automatic’. Check whether the status of dependency service for Smart Card also shows ‘Automatic’. To do so, right click on ‘Smart Card’ and choose ‘Properties’ before clicking the ‘Dependencies’ tab.

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    Re: Cannot start Diagnostic Policy Service on Windows 7

    Dear friends.

    Well, see, that's the problem: The service won't start.

    That's what the OP said, too. I'm having the identical problem that the OP is surfing:

    Home wifi signal is detected, but connection to home wifi network is lost.

    Attempts to connect to wireless network fail.

    Attempts to run diagnostics on the connection fail because the DPS will not start.

    Attempts to start DPS fail, because . . . well, Windows doesn't say why, other than it will work.

    I hope it will work.

    Thank you and All the best.

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