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    Cannot type command in Windows XP Recovery Console

    After formatting Windows XP, a registry error occurred after which I cannot boot to windows. As per the instructions from Microsoft, I had to type some code in recovery console. But I can type only #1. How to fix this issue?

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    Re: Cannot type command in Windows XP Recovery Console

    First Press the 1 key then Press Enter key you can enter xp recovery console
    if you still have the problem to enter xp recovery console then follow as below

    Adding the Windows Recovery Console as a startup option

    If your computer starts Windows, you can add the Windows XP Recovery Console as a startup option from the Windows environment. To install the Recovery Console as a startup option, follow these steps:
    With Windows running, insert the Windows CD into your CD drive.
    Click Start and clickRun.
    Type the following commands (where X: is the CD Drive letter), and then press ENTER on your keyboard.
    X:\i386\winnt32.exe /cmdcons
    Note There is a space before /cmdcons.
    Click OK and follow the instructions to finish Setup.

    Note This adds the Windows Recovery Console to the Windows Startup folder.
    Restart your computer and select the Recovery Console option from the list of available operating systems.

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    Re: Cannot type command in Windows XP Recovery Console


    There seems a severe corruption happend to your system and files in it.

    There should not be any registry error after formatting the Hard Drive as all the information and dataes are removed and trackes and sectors are recreated.

    If your Windows XP installer is corrupt only then the installation can fail and such scenerio emerges.

    So Check the Windows XP Installer diskette if it has anything wrong in it. Check the Authenticity of the Operating System. If everything is okay. Clean Install Windows.

    Clean install means, you Format the drive, insert the Installer in the optical drive and freshly install the operating system, NO UPGRADATION.


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