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    Cannot use VersaCheck 4.0 with Windows 7

    There was no problem in using VersaCheck 4.0 with my PC while it was running on Windows XP. Since upgrading the system to Windows 7, the program has stopped working with it. Is there any solution available for this problem?

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    Re: Cannot use VersaCheck 4.0 with Windows 7

    hi dear friend......

    it might be the problem of

    corrupted, bad or missing file

    Hard ware compatibility

    Virus , warm or other malware .....So, simply uninstall the software and download the latest version and install it

    and for the download visit this website www.CNET.com or http://download.cnet.com/VersaCheck-...-11902560.html


    press windows key+r and type appwiz.cpl in the run box and press ENTER key

    then select the program from the list and click UNINSTALL .....and follow the instrctions

    after again press windows key+r and type regedit and press ENTER key

    then expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE >>software

    under the software delete the versacheck data folder ........then restart the PC

    now install the software ...........ALL THE BEST...!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Cannot use VersaCheck 4.0 with Windows 7

    This is a clear case of incompatible software of VersaCheck 4.0, it ran with the Windows XP as both were older generation softwares.
    Windows7 being the almost latest operating system didn't run too old softwares, hence, VersaCheck didn't run.

    First thing you should try is to run the software in Compatible mode,

    Right click on the VersaCheck icon, select Properties, click Compatibility, click RUN THIS PROGRAM IN COMPATIBILITY MODE, from the list select the Windows version VersaCheck was made to run for.

    In case the option is grayed out and nothing is in offer, possibly the version conflict, 16 bit/32 bit/64/bit issue is involved and then the suggestion will be to uninstall the older Versa Check and download latest windows7 compatible program and install it.

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