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    Can't avoid Display driver issue on Windows 7

    Hi, I am getting message on my windows 7 screen that Display driver stopped responding and has recovered then system hangs and not responding for any task. What should i do for resolving this kind of error? Need help!!

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    Abhishek Mishra Array
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    Re: Can't avoid Display driver issue on Windows 7

    First thing you have to do is to update your display driver from your graphic card manufacturers website.. this problem is due to outdated driver...
    second thing don't use unwanted things that sucks more video memory like docks, sidebars or some other craps...
    third is increase virtual memory if u dont knw how to increase this then follow these steps:-
    1- Right click on computer icon and select properties
    2- now from the left corner select advance system setting.
    3- in the advanced tab select SETTINGS from Performance catagory.
    4- now in advanced tab f the menu appear select change from the virtual memory catarogy
    5- uncheck the automatically manage paging file size and allocate more then recommended size to C: drive and click ok
    6- now restart your System

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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: Can't avoid Display driver issue on Windows 7


    Your display driver is damaged somehow, and you should replace it with a fresh one irrespective of the source of the driver. May it be Windows own driver or if it is supplied by any additional graphics card manufacturer along with the card you may have installed in your computer which i am unable to trace from your query.

    Whatever the situation is , either log in to the Microsoft.com and download your Windows 7 specific Display Driver and install it,
    Or log in to the Display Card manufacturers site and download a fresh copy of the driver file mentioning the Card Model number and install it.
    Also you can install from the Cd if any at your disposal provided at the time of purchasing the Additional Display Card from the vendor , if at all.


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    kumar12337 Array
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    Re: Can't avoid Display driver issue on Windows 7

    hi dear friend........to fix this issue

    first click the start menu and open the control panel

    after that click the sound and hard ware option at the left pane

    now click Dives and printers option and right click in the empty window and choose device manager


    Directly press windows key+r and type in that devmgmt.msc and press ENTER key

    then choose Adapters option

    and also select the displayer driver under the adpters and right click on it

    and choose the properties .....and click on the DRIVER tab

    then click update driver option and follow the instructions...................ALL THE BEST

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    sagar R.kachhadiya Array
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    Re: Can't avoid Display driver issue on Windows 7

    If you are facing the problem of display driver issue , then you require to update the driver compusorily.
    otherwise you are facing this problem continuously.
    you can solve this error and run your computer process smoothly by updating driver manually.

    Fix the driver issue by updating the driver

    --> Go to "start" and then "control panel"
    --> select "system & maintanance" and then "device manager"
    --> In the device manager ,double click on the device which you want to update.
    --> go to "driver" tab and then click on "update driver"

    You can also update the driver by updating the window.By using this method , you also can solve your error related the driver and fix the driver issue in your window 7 operating system.

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    S_DABAS Array
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    Re: Can't avoid Display driver issue on Windows 7


    This problem generally occurs in windows 7 when your graphics card is not working properly.
    Reason 1:- When connected loosely then sometimes it stops working . So first check that it is connected properly or not.

    Reason 2:- Another and main reason is overheating . Due to overheating your graphics card may stop working and window will show you this message.
    So install the GPU monitoring software and check its temperature, if its above 50degreee C then contact your service center.

    If there is not any of above reason then Update your graphics card driver .

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    amitendra Array
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    Re: Can't avoid Display driver issue on Windows 7


    >>click on the icon of Capture.PNG (show on the bottom right side of the desktop taskbar)

    >>click on "customize" (fallow image)


    >>new window is open
    >>in action center select "hide icon and notification"
    >>click on ok

    All the best

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