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    Can't install any new Softwares on Windows Vista

    Hi, if i am going to install any softwares on my system then getting message from system that the extended attributes are inconsistent. What does it mean? What to do? Can anyone help on this issue as soon as possible. Need help!!

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    KJanarthanan91 Array
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    Re: Can't install any new Softwares on Windows Vista

    Hello dude,

    => Your system may affect some virus try to use good antivirus. and Make it Boot time scanning.
    => Your Software Backup also may affect, so Download new one. and install.
    => Try Clean Boot.

    Open Run ( Press Win+R) -> Type msconfig -> OK -> System Configuration Window open -> General Menu -> Choose Selective Startup -> 'Clear Load Startup Items' -> Click Services Menu -> Check Hide all Microsoft Services -> Click Disable all -> OK.

    => Update with your Windows.

    Good Luck.,

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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: Can't install any new Softwares on Windows Vista


    Possibly the Windows Vista installer that search, find , analyse , change attributes , expand zipped files that comes in the cd when the software is initially shipped and sold, is corrupt or damaged and unable to perform its scheduled task.

    Another possibility is the incompatibility between the Windows and Programs under consultation, but probablity is low.

    Easiest suggestion is to reinstall Windows Vista with custom settings which provides full options and control.


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    Re: Can't install any new Softwares on Windows Vista

    Hello friend..

    For this one may be number of reasons are there....

    First of all uninstall unwanted soft wares..

    Next perform the Scan system with Good Antivirus..

    Perform another two operations..

    1.Disk clean up..

    2.Disk defragment..

    After these performances..

    Restart the System and Install softwares..

    I hope it will help you..

    Thank you and All the best..

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