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    Can't see videos after making via Windows Movie Maker in Windows Vista

    Hi, if i am making videos or movies via Movie Maker then after saving the files, i will not be able to see videos only audio running. The issue annoying me from last three days. How to fix this problem on my system? Any suggestions??

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    Re: Can't see videos after making via Windows Movie Maker in Windows Vista

    Dear friend,

    This is because of the encoders and the decoders issues on your pc.


    1. Encoders :: Theses are the files which transfom or code a file into certain file type. Say if you have the encoder for the .avi file then and only then the windows media player shall be able to save the files in the .avi format.

    2. Decoders:: These are the files which render the media files. Say if you are playing the .mp4 files then you must have the mp4 decpders available for the player to play the file.

    Most important

    If you are trying to code a mp 4 file into avi then you will need decoder of the mp4 and the encoder of the avi file both.

    Hoever it shall be annoying to know extensions to each media file and install its encoders and decoders.

    Lets install all of the encoders and decoders in obe package.


    1. Goto the google.com

    2. Search and download the k-lite mega codec pack.

    3. Install the downloaded software.

    4.Now try to save your files via the movie maker.

    5. Hope you success in your attempt this time.

    For the further help post to my visitor massage.



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