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    Cause for Nvidia Video Drivers frequent crashes on Windows 7 System?

    I always get a message box on my windows 8 screen that Nvidia video drivers crashed, then I have uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled the drivers again from the drivers CD. Soon after a day or two I get the same message, and this never stops. I have tried installing the updated drivers, but this couldn't solved the problem. Any suggestions regarding the cause for this crash?

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    Re: Cause for Nvidia Video Drivers frequent crashes on Windows 7 System?

    If the crash is so regular, think about something else that might have happend to your system.

    First, scan the system for any presence of virus in it, clean if found,

    Try a system repair by using the windows installer DVD, insert in optical drive, boot from it, Repair Windows installation using it.

    If updated driver fails even after taking the above steps, roll back to some older driver for NVidia and install that.

    If all those efforts fail, think about testing the display card if it has any role behind the trouble.

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