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    Changing screen time out on LG GW550

    It is quite annoying that the home screen of my LG GW550 will disappear within few minutes. I need to unlock it again and again for using it. What should I do to change the screen time out?

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    Re: Changing screen time out on LG GW550

    You should first of all switch your LG GW550 into its home screen. You can find a list of options on your home screen. From them, you should tap the ‘Settings’ option for changing the screen time out settings. You can then view ‘lock & wallpaper’ option from the group of items under ‘Settings’. While tapping on that option, you can find the option for changing the screen time out. You should then enter the time you prefer on the given space. After that, you should save it by tapping appropriate option given. Then, you should then go back to home screen and check whether the selected time is working or not.

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    Re: Changing screen time out on LG GW550


    Set Screen Timeout on LG GW550
    To define how long the backlight remains on:
    1. From the Today screen, select Start >
    Settings > Home Screen.
    2. In the Time out box, use the navigation
    keys to select a time out option.
    3. When finished, select Done.

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